Jac Fitzgerald


What I'm looking for

  • Work towards meaningful social benefit
  • Building things that get used, and updating them from user feedback
  • Working in a range of technologies driven by project need
  • Colleagues who enjoy learning but prioritize shipping
  • Management with stable longterm goals AND an appreciation for tradeoffs in cost and quality


  • Front end: JavaScript (Typescript, React, Node.js, (old) AngularJS)
  • Back end: Significant Java experience, heavy on the API design and implementation side, lighter on the database integration end.
  • Clouds: simple business usage and management of AWS services, hobby view of Azure
  • Other fun things I've worked with: Github Actions, Terraform, python packaging, Gradle, Wordpress, Beautiful Soup, xml generation/validation
  • Hobby experience in Django, Ruby, R and Haskell
  • Testing: Significant experience ranging from unit testing to live site monitoring with real and synthetic traffic.
  • A while ago: significant experience in C# for Windows and Windows Phone, some practice in C, C++
  • Scripting: can build and maintain PowerShell, bash, and batch files
  • Languages: used to be proficient French, beginning Spanish, can say hello in Hindi, Icelandic, and Korean


  • Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Lead Software Engineer at Tableau/Salesforce, December 2015-current

    • Worked on fundamental CMS-like features of Tableau Server at all levels from database design to CSS tweaks.
    • Drove continuous efforts to simplify multiple legacy API surfaces into a single coherent design
    • On the Developer Platform team, implemented features and fixes aimed at third party developers such as webhooks.
    • Led user workshops on using the Tableau REST API and the officially supported python library
    • For several years, primary owner and driver for TSC and the python client built on it, Tabcmd.
  • Software Development Engineer 1, SDE 2, Microsoft, Feb 2009 – March 2015

    • Microsoft Accounts: Responsible for localization, performance, JavaScript testing and CMS integration for a major site rebuild in Angular.
    • Windows Phone Services: Owned design and implementation of testing and monitoring for a greenfield service built on MCV.NET (project abandoned before release)
    • Windows Phone OS: Planning, building and validating incremental Windows Phone OS updates (e.g.: Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, 8.0 Portico, other minor releases).
    • Windows Phone incremental updates: Lead tester for all bug fixes and updates to consumer entertainment features, including app purchase, music, games, Xbox integration and start screen.
    • Client owner for Marketplace expansion to over 100 new countries including China, co-ordinating across three backend teams for end-to-end validation including payments.
  • Software Intern, Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Dec 2007 – Feb 2008

    • Created a graphical user interface for an in-house data filtering program using C++.
  • Tutor, Department of IT and Electrical Engineering, University of Queensland, 2006 – 2008

    • Software Engineering Lab Supervisor: providing assistance to students in any course.
    • Speaking at career fairs and workshops to encourage high school students to study IT.


  • Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Arts (Cognitive Science, French) Graduated December 2008 from the University of Queensland, Australia
  • Graduate Certificate in User Centred Design Completed March 2012 at the University of Washington

Last updated 2/11/2023